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Rolls-Royce Motor CarsRolls Royce Logo



Kevin Simpson

Position and Company

Brand Ambassador – Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

What did you want to achieve by working with The Foxley Media Group?

We are constantly looking for like-minded brands to work with. We feel that the readers of The Foxley Docket are people that demand the highest quality, the best products and a luxury feeling to all that they experience, just like our customers.

What results did you get from the collaboration?

We are pleased to be present in such a publication, brand positioning is something we feel very strongly about and the results will speak for themselves.

What specific feature did you like most about our services?

The friendly, approachable nature of all that work at The Foxley Media Group. It’s a very nice and easy collaboration. I also enjoy receiving my copy so I can see what other luxury content accompanies us with each issue.

Would you recommend us?

Yes of course, there is a bright future for The Foxley Media Group especially as the company service offers grow.


TAG Heuer (LVMH Group)Tag Heuer Logo



Marine Lemonnier Brennan


International PR Director TAG Heuer (LVMH Group)

What specific feature did you like most about our services?

The Foxley Docket is quite unique in combining the informative with the interesting. It more than captures the facets of our raison d’être.


Dubois YachtsDubois Logo



Roxanne Hughes

Position and Company

Brand Manager – Dubois Naval Architects

Why did you come to The Foxley Media Group?

The Foxley Media Group offer great opportunities for reaching UK-based HNWI.

Would you recommend us?

We would happily recommend The Foxley Media Group – they are adaptive to individual company needs and innovative in their approach.


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Kunal Trehan


Managing Director – Touched Interiors

What did you want to achieve by working with The Foxley Media Group?

Brand awareness and increase in sales

What specific feature did you like most about our services?

The expert design of my advertisements.

Would you recommend us?

Yes, a great team to work with and expected results achieved.


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Adam Twidell


CEO – PrivateFly.com

What first made you want to work with The Foxley Media Group?

The Foxley Docket looks great and always includes excellent, highly readable content.

What do you think of the way The Foxley Media Group works with your brand?

We have been on board as a content partner since launch and the team are always a pleasure to work with.



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Gina Lollobrigida’s Jewels Steal the Show at Sotheby’s Geneva

Bulgari-Gina Lollobrigida3Last night, in an electric atmosphere at Sotheby’s Geneva, outstanding pieces from the collection of international screen legend Gina Lollobrigida sold for a combined total of CHF 4,741,500 ($4,962,122) (est. CHF 1.8- 3.1 million/ $1.9-3.2 million). An exceptional pair of natural pearl and diamond pendant earrings – said to have belonged to the historic collection of the House of Habsburg – which the actress wore on numerous landmark occasions in her career, sold for CHF 2,285,000 ($2,391,321) – an auction record for a pair of natural pearl ear pendants, beating the figure set by Elizabeth Taylor’s pearl earrings in 2011*. Buyers from around the world also clamoured for seminal pieces from the 1950s and 1960s by Bulgari. Ms Lollobrigida’s collection was the centrepiece of an epic auction of Magnificent and Noble Jewels which saw nearly 650 lots selling for a combined total of CHF 74,751,375 ($78,229,556) (est. CHF 46,982,000- 69,900,500 / $49,168,072- 73,152,970). Tonight a 74.53 carat cushion shaped fancy yellow diamond formerly in the collection of the Persian Shah, Ahmed Shah Qajar also sold for CHF 2,853,000 ($2,985,750), establishing an auction record for a fancy yellow diamond and a record price per carat for a fancy yellow diamond ($40,061 per carat).

Speaking after the sale, Gina Lollobrigida said: “Jewels are meant to give pleasure and for many years I had enormous pleasure wearing mine. Many people tried to persuade me to sell them, but for a very long time I was unwilling. What changed, was seeing a little girl called Sofia suffering from a disorder, which could only be helped by stem cell treatment – treatment which she is unable to receive in Italy. Selling my jewels to help raise awareness of stem cell therapy, which can cure so many illnesses, seems to me a wonderful use to which to put them. It is my hope that the Italian parliament will approve this ground-breaking treatment, so that children and adults in Italy should have free access to it without having to travel abroad at great expense. It now gives me great pleasure to see that these jewels will create a legacy which will live on after me and continue to do good.”

Bulgari-Gina Lollobrigida2

David Bennett, Chairman of Sotheby’s Switzerland and Chairman of the Jewellery Department for Europe and the Middle East commented: “Every so often a very special jewel collection comes along which is so much more than the sum of its parts. Gina Lollobrigida’s magnificent jewels captured the public imagination around the world and the prices achieved this evening reflect not only the importance and rarity of those pieces, but also the aura of fascination which this legendary actress continues to exert. Sotheby’s was honoured to be entrusted with the sale and we are delighted that the results will contribute to the noble cause of stem cell research, reflecting Miss Lollobrigida’s great generosity of spirit and her humanitarian work.”

Testament to the allure of one of the greatest stars of 20th century cinema, outstanding jewels from the collection of Gina Lollobrigida excited interest from around the world. On Friday night, the star caused a sensation when she visited the opening of the exhibition of her collection at Sotheby’s Geneva.

The highlight of the collection – the record-breaking pair of natural pearl and diamond pendant earrings are exceptional for their colour and size, each drop-shaped natural pearl measuring approximately 15.6 x 12.1 x 24.9mm and 15.9 x 13.8 x 23.3mm. Estimated at CHF 565,000-940,000 ($600,000-1,000,000), these pearls were worn by Miss Lollobrigida on numerous public occasions, including to meet Princess Margaret at The Taming of the Shrew premiere in London in 1967. Tonight they were pursued by no less than eight bidders before selling to a buyer in the room.

Bulgari-Gina Lollobrigida1

The other star lot of the collection was a diamond necklace/bracelet combination, Bulgari, 1954 which realised CHF 749,000 ($783,851) (lot 663, est. CHF 285,000-470,000/ $300,000-500,000). The necklace was identified by Daniela Mascetti as one of Bulgari’s most important creations in her book Bulgari. Gina Lollobrigida was seen wearing this jewel on key moments in her professional and personal life, including when she received her 1961 Golden Globe for World Film Favourite – Female.

Other highlights in the collection included:

  • A diamond ring set with a cushion-shaped diamond weighing 19.03 carats, Bulgari, 1962 which brought CHF 749,000 ($783,851) (lot 662, est. CHF 375,000-750,000/ $400,000-800,000).
  • A pair of emerald and diamond earclips, Bulgari, 1964 which sold for CHF 293,000 ($306,633) (lot 659, est. CHF 145,000-240,000/ $150,000-250,000).
  • An emerald and diamond ring, Bulgari, 1964, set with a step-cut emerald weighing 16.62 carats which was bought for realised CHF 173,000 ($181,050) (lot 660, est. CHF 115,000-170,000/ $120,000-180,000).

Lounge 10 – Manchester

Walking down the street, you’d never know the hidden secret Lounge 10 hides from the outside world. If you find yourself amongst those lucky enough to enter the elite restaurant and bar, you become instantly transported back to 1920-30’s prohibition America. From jazz singers, palm reading and authentic cocktails, all within a voluptuous tastefully recreated Speakeasy bar, once submerged in Lounge 10, it’s easy to forget you’re in the present day centre of Manchester.

Lounge 10 isn’t open to anybody, in keeping with bars of the prohibition time, guests require a password which is sent to them prior to their visit, and then exchanged at the door in order to gain entry.

Once inside, you are greeted by courteous staff, who do their upmost to ensure your time spent with them is of the highest standard, filled with interesting stories about the history of the building, the prohibition era and excellent knowledge of their exquisite menu and expertly created cocktails.

The bars skilfully trained mixologists are on hand to provide an array of drinks in keeping with the era, including “The Best Gin & Tonic in the World” hosted by Sloane’s Gin and rum cocktails, using authentic old-style Rebellion Rum.  If it is food you’re after, Lounge 10 offers late night dining until 1am, or a delectable amuse bouche menu served from the Speakeasy bar until 3am.

There’s certainly plenty of entertainment to admire, with singers, dancers, pianists and magicians donning each of the three floors, allowing you to relax and be entertained, within the vintage glamour setting.

Press 3

It’s truly a fantastic chance to escape the modern world for the evening and indulge in the authentic prohibition style.

Lounge 10 is definitely Manchester best kept secret. To find request your secret password visit http://www.lounge10.co.uk/request-password and enter your details.

Words – Gemma Goodyear

Lounge 10

10 Tib Lane, Manchester, M2 4JB

0161 834 1331 | info@lounge10.co.uk

Booking: bookings@lounge10.co.uk


The Foxley Docket meets the Canadian luxury press

Canadian online luxury medium TheTopTier.net hosts an exclusive interview with The Foxley Docket Editor In Chief, Matthew Fairhurst, to discuss the launch, the luxury market and the economic climate’s affect on the UK luxury sector.

# # #

A quick overview of business news would indicate that there may be some problems with worldwide economic stability. While that may be so in certain areas, luxury car makers and fashion brands have been posting record sales for 2012 and the outlook for 2013 only gets better.

With no real slowdown in luxury spending in China and India becoming the next hot luxury market, those that have the money don’t mind spending it on the finer things in life.

The UK has a new luxury lifestyle magazine that begins publishing on January 19th and TheTopTier.net had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with the Editor in Chief of The Foxley Docket, Matthew Fairhurst.

The Foxley Docket: A new luxury lifestyle publication for the UK

TheTopTier.net: What is the mission of The Foxley Docket?

Matthew Fairhurst: “Amidst a burgeoning concern over the representation of luxury in the regional print media, our group of journalists, business figures and retail experts made the decision to create a publication that would provide a true account of the ever-thriving industry.”

TTT: Why start a new luxury publication?

MF: “In the UK media, the word ‘luxury’ is largely misrepresented to mean nothing more than an expensive version of a standard product.

However, true luxury, as we see it, is not your average commodity but a celebration of quality, ingenuity, individuality and exclusivity. Be it jewellery, horology, sailing or motoring – the luxury sector is a constantly evolving world, available to only a select few, it is not governed by geography; it is not limited by price. It is timeless and it is legendary.”

TTT: Why start a luxury magazine in the current economic climate?

MF: “Although the UK has been hit by the recession, and just recently many high street chains have closed (Comet, Jessops – possibly HMV), the luxury industry is still doing well. In terms of British industry in particular, Rolls Royce have just announced that business is booming, and they are now employing more people across the UK to cope with the demand.  At the end of the day, people will always pay the price of quality. “

The Foxley Docket: A new luxury lifestyle publication for the UK

TTT: Why in North West England?

MF: “As the Barclays wealth map indicates, The North West of England is the luxury capital of the UK. Not only is there a high volume ofaffluent people across the region, but luxury retailers are also more frequent here [and the numbers are growing] than any other focussed part of the country.”

 Here are some points from the Barclays wealth map:

  • Between 2008 and 2010 this region saw an increase in its number of millionaires of 16%, from 55,000 to 64,000
  • The North West has the third largest number of millionaires in the UK, whose numbers will grow by 36% by 2020
  • The [North West] region is the luxury shopping capital of the UK, with a higher proportion of luxury retailers than anywhere else.

Source: Barclays Wealth 2011 UK Wealth Map

TTT: What have the initial reactions been to The Foxley Docket?

MF: “The reactions have been entirely positive. Many contacts in the luxury sector have told me that there are very few UK publications which wish to truly represent the industry. This is where the magazine has its strengths – I can always guarantee that there will never be any substitute for quality with The Foxley Docket.”

To view the full article online, visit: http://thetoptier.net/index.php/home/luxury-business-news-and-updates/1101-the-foxley-docket-a-new-luxury-lifestyle-publication-for-the-uk

Racing Gold ~ Lancelot Lancaster White ~ Red Bull Event


Inventors, pop-stars and Princesses flocked to The Red Bull racing event held last weekend by Racing Gold & Lancelot Lancaster White at the London gallery of Gift vault in Mayfair was an exciting affair.

On display were some never before seen pieces of motor-sport creative art designed and made by Racing Gold for THE PART OF THE TEAM collection, as well as the art of Paul Oz, including hisfabulous new Skull-pture made in time for the conclusion of the Formula 1 season.

Other elegant pieces on show were Lancelot Lancaster White’s One-off piece Misterium, Mysterio Luxury Poker Box finished in Ebony and lined with Royal Red velvet, complete with their original designed Evaluator.

John Haigh of Racing Gold gave an excellent account of the co-operation between him and Paul Oz allowing them to create and develop the Skull-pture, which took pride of place at the show.

Mark Webber was well represented at the event with a stunning portrait by Paul Oz as well as a beautifully carbon fibre encased race suit previously worn by Mark.

A stunning ensemble of classic car seat, Cam Shaft Table and Coat Stand [formed from two race wheels and a drive shaft] represented Aston Martin perfectly.

One of the other most popular pieces at the event was the Exhaust Lamp with Acrylic column which seemed to be a big hit all round.

Associated source: www.lancelotlancasterwhite.com

Vivienne Westwood re-launches Manchester store


In spite of the big freeze outside, Manchester was all aglow with spring/summer vibes at the relaunch of the Vivienne Westwood boutique at Spring Gardens last night.

The store re-opened its doors in celebration of the new refurbishment with an in store party, drinks and live DJ set. At the event, Vivienne Westwood Manchester enjoyed an evening with  loyal customers and press, who received exclusive discounts and had a special preview of Westwoods Spring Summer 2013 collection.

The refurbished boutique, is a regional destination for Vivienne Westwood’s four collections; Gold Label- the house’s couture/ready to wear line, Red Label- the prêt-à-porter line representing Westwood’s interest in Savile Row tailoring, Anglomania- the diffusion line taking inspiration from the brands extensive archives and MAN- the dedicated menswear collection emphasising tailoring and British fabrics. The Manchester store also offers a full range of statement accessories, including jewellery, bags, shoes and perfumes.

Located at 47 Spring Gardens on King Street, this special boutique invites customers to experience the world of Westwood in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant shopping district.

Associated Source: www.viviennewestwood.co.uk

Hublot: On the occasion of Art Basel Miami Beach

ImageHaute Living and Luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot celebrated Art Basel Miami Beach, in collaboration with The Collection Ferrari and world renowned expressionist artist and Basel favorite Domingo Zapata. Together, Hublot and Zapatahosted an exclusive reception at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, December 7, at the Hublot Bal Harbour Boutique. The boutique showcased a unique storefront creation from Zapata’s Avion collection and several new pieces of his work to a crowd of Miami tastemakers,art aficionados and VIP guests. In addition, Zapata created a work that he presented toMiami Heat owner, Micky Arison, and that will be auctioned at a later date to benefit the HEATFoundation.

Associated Source: www.hublot.com